Manoa Waterfall Hiking Trail, Honolulu, Oahu


This was Nina's favorite hike and it's right outside Honolulu, just past the University of Hawaii.
The waterfall wasn't the most impressive waterfall we saw while in Hawaii, but the hike to get to it was gorgeous!
Nina stands under an archway of vines.
A lovely brook with mini-waterfalls and pools flowed alongside the trail.
Chris is nearly encompassed by the jungle overgrowth.
These large and fragrant orange petals continually fell from the sky to cover the path.
Nina loves taking pictures of natural archways!
One of the many pools along the way.
Nina and Chris pose in yet another natural archway.
We hiked through a huge bamboo forest.
We've never been to China, but we imagine it looks a bit like this....
Manoa Falls from a distance.
Manoa Falls, not too shabby for being just minutes away from Waikiki Beach and downtown Honolulu!
We stopped for a photo in front of the falls.
Someone left their orchid lei in front of the falls... an offering maybe?