Old Lahaina Lu'au, Lahaina, Maui


For our very last night in Hawaii, we went to the Old Lahaina Lu'au. It was wonderful!
Everyone wanted their pictures taken under the tiki hut!
The setting was beautiful... right on the beach. Tables and the traditional floor seating were arranged in a semi-circle around the stage.
We were given our first flower leis, orchids of course!
The evening began with a walk along the beach to view the artwork of local artisans in Hawaiian costume.
Nina poses for a picture on a Hawaiian outrigger canoe.
The band played the entire night.
Our view of the stage.... not bad!
Shell and coral necklaces and leis for sale.
Chris sitting in front of the fire pit.
The roast pig is soon to be revealed...
The process begins....
The roast pig is complete!
Now, that's just disgusting! Neither of us ate any pig! Chris however did try the octopus and Nina stuck to purple sweet potatoes, fried rice and taro salad.
The show begins....
The show involved a huge number of dancers and a wide variety of costumes and props.
The show told the story of Hawaii, including tales of the Hawaiian Gods.
We have no idea how the women did not fall out of their coconut bras and the men did not fall out in general!!
Nina calls this the Spinning Leaf Dance.
These were not Tiki Hut dancers.... these guys were professionals!!
The dancers beat sticks together, shook gourds, and used these weird feathery shakers things.
Nina's favorite costume was the Ti Leaf skirts!
The men perform the fire dance.
The grand finale!!
Chris poses with a very pretty hula girl (although Nina is convinced she's holding in her stomach!)