Ka'anapali Beach, Maui


Our first night at Ka'anapali Beach, we saw this beautiful sunset.
A view of the Ka'anapali Beach cliffs lit up with torches at night.
Our hotel, the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel, is toted as the "Most Hawaiian Hotel in Maui." It has an outdoor Tiki Bar and Grill, a nightly Hula Show and free lau printing, hula and lei making classes.
The swimming pool at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel, where we spent an afternoon after checking out of the hotel.
Nina learning to make a spiritual lei out of ti leaves by braiding the leaves together.
Here we are sporting our new Maui T-shirts (Nina's from the Alice in Hulaland clothing store in Paia and Chris' from the Hasawaga General Store in Hana).
The free nightly Hula Show in the courtyard of the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel (with the Tiki Bar and Tiki Grill in the background).
The hula dancers in outfit number one.
The hula dancers still in outfit number one but with gourds.
The Tiki Bar, which makes a damn good Pina Colada (for $8 dollars!!)
The hula dancers in outfit number two with sticks.
Nina's favorite restaurant at Ka'anapali Beach... The Barefoot Bar and Grill, which is outdoors on the boardwalk, has thatch roofed tables, a band, sand floors and is right on the beach! (To be fair, Lelani's has better food!)
Ahhh... the Pearl Factory, where Nina caved to extreme curiosity and just had to pick a fresh oyster, open it up and see what's inside. Turns out, she was one of seven out of 100 people to choose an oyster with a blue/grey pearl!
There were a lot of small yachts anchored at Ka'anapali Beach. The island of Molokai is in the distance.
Here's another view of the rock barrier at the end of Ka'anapali Beach, where we went snorkeling and crazy tourists dive off the rocks.
One morning, we snuck into the super fancy Westin Hotel, two hotels down from ours, to go to their Starbucks. The hotel has a beautiful courtyard, swimming pool with waterfalls and outdoor cafe.
The Westin even has pink flamingos!!
We saw Unicorn Fish while snorkeling at Ka'anapali Beach.
The rocks along Ka'anapali Beach were crowded with snorkelers but we were surprised to come across some scuba divers!
Nina calls these the Needle Fish.
We're pretty sure that's a Yellow Tang.
We saw several Puffer Fish, which was pretty exciting. We never got to see them in "full puff."
More of the infamous striped fish swimming around the coral and red sea urchins.