Iao Valley State Park and Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens, Wailuku, Maui


The Iao Valley is known as the Yosemite of Maui.
This is the Iao Needle.

Right down the road from the Iao Valley Park is the Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens with cultural and ethnic displays of native styles of housing representing the many groups of people that immigrated to Hawaii.

This building represents Korean architecture.



This huge Banyon Tree is in the middle of the park.
This display represents Portuguese architecture.
This is a picture from the Portuguese garden.
This is an example of a hut from the Philippines.
Tons of koi goldfish swam in ponds and rivers running throughout the cultural park.
This hut displays the housing style of the Chinese immigrants.
More koi on the move...
The beautiful Japanese garden.
A statue of Japanese immigrant farm laborers, most immigrants to Hawaii worked in the sugar cane fields.
This hut is a representation of a Japanese style home.