Hookipa Beach and the Towns of Paia and Makawao


Hookipa Beach, outside the town of Paia, is a world class windsurfing beach, but we didn't see any windsurfers, just surfers.
A line of surfers getting ready....
A rock outcropping along the beach...
Someone on the beach swears they saw a shark!!
The waves were fairly big.
There was an interesting rock barrier covered with moss along the beach.
The surfers were still going strong at 6:00 p.m.
The sun starts to set over Hookipa Beach.
We loved the laid back town of Paia and had dinner there twice (once at an organic pizza place). Nina loved the shopping, especially the Alice in Hulaland store and the doggie boutique. Nina loved this sign. This run of the mill souvenir shop had four of the mangiest dogs ever available "for rent."


We spent a wonderful afternoon having lunch and shopping in the "upcountry" farming and ranching town of Makawao (pronounced Maka-"wow"), just up the road from Paia. This is a wonderful cafe (with really good chicken salad).
Makawao reminded us of small Colorado hippie-ski towns, with its many coffee shops, bakeries, art galleries, funky clothing boutiques and organic groceries stores. We saw an amazing glassworking studio, where they encapsulated glass jellyfish inside glass bubbles. We simply loved Makawao and its sister town Paia.