Snorkeling at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve


A "not so charming photo" of us, getting ready for a snorkeling adventure, at Hanauma Bay.

A collapsed crater has created protected, pristine snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, where Nina could snorkel without fear of sharks!

A barrier of thick coral lines the beach at Hanauma Bay protecting snorkelers from big waves and nasty sea creatures. But watch out, in some areas, the coral is only covered by a foot or less of water. We got a little cut up and bruised from knocking our knees into the coral while swimming and desperately trying to avoid the sea urchins only inches below us!!
Chris doing his best snorkeling pose.
An action shot of Chris getting his snorkel on...
Look! Striped Fish!
Hmmm... we "think" it's a Lined Butterfly Fish, known as Kikakapu in Hawaiian...?
We don't know what the hell this fish is... but it's cool!
More Lined Butterfly Fish?
Look Ma... some striped fish and a fish with a blue tail!
A close-up of the "cool" fish...
Now this fish is just plain ugly!! (Also known as the Female Speckled Parrotfish).
We'll call this "large, flat, white and blue fish". We learned that the Hawaiian names for fish often mean just that: yellow fish with blue fins, fish with horn on head, fish with black spots on tail, etc. We also learned that the Hawaiian language only has 12 letters (maybe that's why all the street names start with "K", very confusing...)
Hey look... it's "large, flat, white and blue fish" again!