Zermatt, Switzerland

The ski slopes at Zermatt. More ski slopes
Nina resting at the slope-side restaurant And me taking a break.
Nina, back on the slopes again. More of the ski slopes.
The small river that divides the town in half. Some of the shops in Zermatt.
The town church, on our second day with considerably better visibility. Apartment buildings jutting out of the side of the mountain.
Most of the Matterhorn. The surrounding mountains.
More of the town. Another view of the Matterhorn.
Snow covered rocks in the river. A little closer view of the Matterhorn.  We never saw more than this as the clouds always obscured the top.
Stopping for a picture. Nina stops as well.
The river with the bulk of the town in the distance. Snow covered roofs of strange little apartments.
A closer look at the apartments. And one more.
Our friendly Australian crepe maker.