Nina, on our walk to the main gate of Versailles. The chapel.
An incredible painting on the ceiling. Every inch was covered in some form of art.
A very large sculpture on the wall. More ceiling artwork.
It was really crowded inside so we quickly ventured out to the gardens. Ornate landscaping was everywhere.
A view of Versailles from the garden area. Nina, with the extensive grounds in the distance.
One of the many interesting fountains. A closer view of the fountain showing the frogs, turtles and mermaids.
Another fountain that we came across while trying to get lost. A steel sculpture of flowers and reeds in the middle of the fountain.
A statue of horsemen and chariots riding up out of the water. One of the many long paths we took.
One of the canals. Another one of the paths.
Even in January the grounds looked perfect. Another view of the canals.
The intersection of two very large canals. More forests in the distance.
One of the smaller palaces for visiting dignitaries. Impressive columns at the smaller palace.
More lawn sculptures. Cubic hedges in the distance.
A small building near a tranquil pond. The Queen's Hamlet, where she would go to pretend she was a peasant.
A very large dog that guarded the farm animals near the Queen's Hamlet. Some of the buildings at the Queen's Hamlet.
A very interesting tower near one of the buildings. Another area of the Queen's Hamlet.
And another building of the Queen's Hamlet.  The queen must have had a very misguided sense of what peasants lived like. Near the gardens at the Queen's Hamlet.
The farmhouse at the Queen's Hamlet. The main building at the Queen's Hamlet.