New Year's Eve in Paris

This was right near our hotel room. The Eiffel Tower slightly obscured by clouds.
The entrance to a park. A futuristic looking area surrounding a park.
A closer view of the futuristic buildings. A very large church.
A colorful sign for a restaurant. A very strange sculpture over a door.
A stairway leading up to the top of the modern art museum. Colorful fountains.
Children riding a carousel. One of the many bridges that cross the Seine.
Street musicians on a bridge. Nina, inside the catacombs underneath Paris.
Lots of bones in the catacombs. There were many crosses and other religious decorations.
A little blurry, but you can see some of the skulls. One of the many streets in Paris decorated for New Year's Eve.
The Champs Elysees was packed with people. More people in the other direction.
Nina, all bundled up. Me, in my 100 lb coat.
Celebrating the New Year. Nina, with her sparkler.
And another sparkler. The two of us together before our long hike back to our hotel room.