Montreaux, Switzerland.

The Chateaux de Chillon, in the town of Montreaux.  It's on an island. The moat between the castle and the mainland.


A Christmas tree set up in the courtyard. Nina pausing before entering some pretty spooky halls.
Another view of the dungeon. The dungeon.  Lord Byron was held captive here.
One of the windows converted to an arrow slit for better defense. A very narrow passageway with a small shaft above for light.
Nina, ascending from the darkness. A small fountain in another part of the chateaux.
The exterior of the living quarters.  
One of the many rooms in the chateaux. One of several massive fireplaces.
A huge hall that was converted into an armory museum. Nina, looking out over Lake Geneva.
Another one of the fireplaces. What must be the world's smallest bed.
The town of Montreaux across Lake Geneva. Houses and the highway built along the mountains.
One of the towers. An unfinished part of the chateaux.
Another one of the towers. A wooded walkway along the wall of the chateaux.
Interesting shingles covered nearly everything. More shingles with mosses growing on them.
More of the gardens. Nina, on one of the walkways.
More of the roof. A small spire near the water.
A few of the towers as seen from the highest point.